Earth Restore network

We are in the midst of an ecosystem crisis requiring urgent attention. There is a burning need to restore our Earth, if we are to survive as a species. And the task ahead grows bigger every day.

There is no one single solution to our global challenges. To restore Earth, we must implement a large number of different environmental projects worldwide, and quickly scale up the most effective through funding and support.

All around the world there are people with great ideas, and others who are eager to help. The aim of this platform is to bring like-minded people together and give much-needed solutions a boost.

Our mission

Earth Restore is a funding platform for projects that help to restore Earth and make a transition to a sustainable world. It also helps to spread good ideas, and enables people to connect around them.

The platform offers a number of different possibilities for ways to boost environmental, cleantech and green initiatives around the world.

Earth Restore is the best place for all people and organisations around the globe to find support for their environmental ideas.

Funding is provided by individual contributors as well as institutional investors & funds.

CAtegories of projects 

  • plastic pollution prevention
  • circular economy
  • awareness and education
  • renewable energy
  • tackling climate change
  • resource management and zero-waste
  • cleantech
  • restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity
  • carbon capture technologies

Let’s Do It World (LDIW) is an international organisation that stands for a clean and sustainable world. LDIW empowers people across the world to unite their communities in tackling the mismanaged solid waste problem and other environmental challenges through advocacy, technology, partnership and positive action. LDIW coordinates the biggest one-day civic action against waste, World Cleanup Day, which brings together more than 20 million people in 180 countries.


Fundwise is a SaaS crowdfunding system which helps to build different funding platforms.

Both organisations are committed to catalysing a transition to a sustainable world. We believe we must boost green ideas in order to restore Earth and allow all its species, including humankind, to survive.


You can join Earth Restore Network as project leader or supporter, or both!

What’s in it for project leaders?

Project leaders can raise the necessary funds for implementing their projects. They can also enlarge their community of like-minded people who share the same values and are willing to support their projects.

What’s in it for project supporters?

As a supporter, you can join the network by donating, investing or helping as a team member. You will have the power to support the projects you think will have the biggest impact, either locally or globally, and follow their progress.

With this platform, location isn’t a barrier: even if your favourite projects are happening in a far away place, you can still be directly involved in them.

What’s in it for the planet?

Every project implemented with the help of funds raised through Earth Restore will aid the preservation of our Earth for ourselves and future generations.

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